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Registration for the current school year is closed. Please join us for our 20th Anniversary Recital on Saturday, June 5! Summer registration is open. Pease visit our summer camps page to learn more about our dance camps for students ages 3-18. Registration for 2021-2022 school year will open in June. More information to be announced. 

Safety is a priority. To learn more about our current COVID policies,  click here

Classes are offered Monday-Thursday, beginning in late August and ending in May. Classes meet once each week. We accept students of all levels, beginner through advanced. Instructors consider age and prior experience when finding the best class for a student. A placement class is often recommended for new students.

Our year concludes with a dance recital for all of our students. Additional performance opportunities in the fall are sometimes offered to our intermediate and advanced students. During the summer, we offer Princess Ballerina Camps for ages 3-7 and a dance intensive for Ballet Level III and up. Information for these can be found on our summer programs page.

  • Classes for ages 2 and up
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Yearly Dance Recital
  • Modest Costumes
  • Variety of Styles

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Class Descriptions

Mommy & Me

A 30-minute class for 2-3 year olds with their moms or other guardians. These young students will be introduced to dance in a fun setting that also provides time for bonding between parent and child.

Creative Dance 1 and 2

Classes for ages 3 and 4 teach the elements of dance: basic ballet terminology, body, space, time, force, along with “The Brain Dance,” basic motor skills, and classroom etiquette.

Pre-Ballet and Pre-Tap

Class for 5 year old students (by Sept. 1). Transitioning from creative dance and Ballet 1, students are taught basic ballet elements with an emphasis on technique. Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap also includes 30 minutes of tap instruction.


Seven levels of ballet that allow students to learn progressively challenging movements and terminology with a strong emphasis on clean technique. Helps develop strength, discipline, grace, musicality, and flexibility.


Course for older ballet students. Teacher placement required in the three levels of pointe classes. Requires a simultaneous prerequisite of ballet technique classes at least two days per week.


Tap allows students to develop rhythm, musicality, and coordination. Students learn increasingly difficult steps and combinations in each of the four levels through the methods of Al Gilbert and others.


These upbeat classes allow students to learn increasingly challenging choreography in each of the three levels.

Tap 1/Jazz 1

Class for students ages 6-8 year olds. Class will equally divide time between introducing students to tap and jazz.

Christian Hip-Hop

Students will learn how to use beats in music to create smooth and sharp rhythms and dance moves.


Teacher placement required. Contemporary dance class, incorporating the elements of fall and rebound, contraction, use of torso and floor/seated movement. Partner work and improv will be introduced. The techniques of Doris Humphry, Erik Hawkins, Martha Graham and Doug Varone will be used.


Ballet Level 3 and up- Class focuses on using dance in worship. Dancing to hymns and worship music, students will use elements from ballet and modern to learn praise-focused choreography throughout the year, while also learning scripture.

Dance Instructors

Vicki Butler

Director of Dance

Melissa McMahan

Dance Instructor

Clarissa Sharp

Dance Instructor

Debbie Weisberg

Dance Instrutor

Caroline King

Dance Instructor

Tamara Dupuis

Dance Instructor

EA Gonzalez

Dance Instructor

Katelyn Burrow

Dance Instructor

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