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We believe music is a gift from the Lord, intended to be used for His glory. Our goal is excellence, teaching students to develop their God-given abilities to the fullest. Our music faculty is passionate about sharing music with their students and helping them reach their potential. In addition to great instructors, our students also receive performance opportunities through spring recitals. 

Our Musikgarten classes are available for ages 3 months-4 years. Piano Class for ages 4-7 and Beginning Violin Class for ages 7-11.

Private music lessons at the School of Fine Arts are available to students of varying ages and levels. Beginning age for private lessons depends on the instructor, instrument, and student. Private lessons meet once each week, typically for 30 minutes. Scroll down for instrument offerings, class offerings, and instructors, or visit our tuition and fees page for prices. 


  • Private lessons
  • Instrumental & voice
  • Musikgarten classes for ages 3-months to 4 years
  • Beginning Piano Class for ages 4 to 7
  • Beginning Violin Class for ages 5-10

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Beginner Violin Class

Taught by Ruth Nason and Luke Nason, this class introduces elementary students to the fundamentals of violin. Class time will be determined by teacher and participants. New class will formed in August.

Piano Class 1 and 2

Small group piano lessons for students ages 4-6 that capitalize on the child's joy in making music with others. Includes singing, games, and listening activities reinforcing keyboarding concepts. New class formed each August.

Family Music for Babies

This class for 3 months-18 months includes singing, bouncing and rocking songs, peek-a-boo, and wiggle games. In addition to helping parents further bond with their babies, this class teaches parents songs and activities to do at home or in the car and allows the infant to develop listening skills, a sense of rhythm, and the foundations for singing.

Family Music for 2s & 3s

This class for ages 19 months- 3 years uses kid-friendly folk songs to help develop children’s language, singing, dancing, and listening skills. The class uses a wide variety of musical instruments, which aid children in their development of body awareness and control, coordination, and the joy of musical movement.

Cycle of Seasons

For 3- 4 ½ year olds is structured around the seasons of the year and engages preschoolers through singing, playing, musical instruments, listening activities, movement, and more. Designed to help children establish body control, flow of movement and beat competency, as well as develop their singing voice.

Family Music for 1s, 2s, & 3s

This evening class for ages 3 months-3 years uses a combined curriculum that combines Family Music for Babies and Family Music for 2s and 3s.

Private Music Instruction

We currently offer private music instruction in piano, violin, guitar, electric guitar, banjo, ukulele, electric bass, voice, pipe organ.

Music Instructors

Elizabeth Carter

Piano/Pipe Organ Instructor

Susan Jolly

Piano/Voice Instructor

Ruth Nason

Piano/Musikgarten/Violin Instructor

Mary Elizabeth Howze

Violin Instructor

Wanda Schrimsher


Stacy Owens

Voice Instructor

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